How To Know Who View Your Whatsapp Message In A Group Chat

WhatsApp group chat is so nice especially when you are in group with most interesting people you always get all sorts of messages/information on the group chats. Some may suit your interest, whiles others may not. But to me that’s normal, is all part of life. Nevertheless,  you can always exit yourself from the group if you find it not interesting any more.There are instances that you belong to a whatsApp group with most of your cherished friends and families and you want to get a message deliver to all of them at a go.This means you can use such platform to do that. But the thing is how will you be able to know whether your message have been delivered to all and also whether they all read the message or not. This is what this post is going to show you today.

Ever since the new WhatsApp update was released, we can noticed  that other features has been added to this app. One of such feature is the “info” feature which allows you to know the number of people that your message have been delivered to and the total number who read/viewed the message. you can read our previous post on how to control who sees your WhatsApp status in the new update if you haven’t read it before.

Now let us take you through all the steps to follow in other to know who viewed your message in a group chat.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application and select the group that you want to send the message to.
  2. Once the group is selected, type in your message and tap on the send button to send.
  3. Now long press on the message you sent to select it. look at the top of your whatsapp application you will see a list of menus, among them is the “info” icon as seen in the image below.
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  1. Now tap on the icon and it will open another screen with the list of your message stats. That’s the read by, and delivered to stats as shown in the shot below.
  2. From this stats you can see the number of people that your message has been delivered to, and the number of people who read the message.

What does this two means?

Read By, and delivered to.

Read by means your message has been delivered and read/viewed by those contacts listed. Whiles delivered to means it has been sent to those contcats by they are yet to read/view it.

Friends hope you find this post helpful. You can now use this tips to always track your message stats on any whatsapp group chat. If you find this post interested the you can click on the link below to read more about  10 best whatsapp tips and trick you might not know. Thanks for visiting and please don’t forget to also share this post on Facebook, twitter and other social media. Have a nice day and hoping to see you here again.


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